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Kara Tomes-Meek Head of Sustainability

Understanding our homes and land

It’s important for us to know the impact our homes have on the environment. 74% of our homes have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C and above, with 97% of new homes rating B or above. We undertake regular stock condition surveys to ensure our properties meet government targets for sustainability, and for 71% of our homes we have recent surveys under five years old.

We continue to invest into our homes to improve energy efficiency by upgrading wall insulation, windows, solar panels, and new roofing. We aim for all our properties to achieve an EPC rating of C or above by 2030, where it’s cost effective and practical. We also aim to have all our new homes built to EPC band B.

Residents have told us that green spaces and nature are important to them, and we understand how critical they are for us as a housing provider. We need green spaces to help prevent flooding, and trees to help reduce overheating and pollution.

We’ve been busy mapping out over half of our grounds maintenance responsibilities, specifying the ground cover of grass, shrubbery and woodland. Along with a tree survey which so far has mapped nearly 17,500 trees, collecting information on tree species age, structure and condition.

We’re also committed to increasing and protecting animals, plants, and their homes within our land ownership to support biodiversity, and we’re currently working with residents and stakeholders to co-create a biodiversity pathway.

Residents at the heart

Residents’ views are an essential part of our sustainability journey. The invaluable insight we received at resident workshops, along with over 1,500 responses to our sustainability survey means we’ve included areas in our new strategy that are important and meaningful to residents and their communities.

A highlight for the sustainability team over the last year is the collaboration with Swale Borough Council and our residents on a project to plant 500 trees in Sittingbourne. The new trees will support local biodiversity, and bring a positive impact to our resident’s health and wellbeing.

We’ve also set up a number of local nature and gardening projects with residents, and in collaboration with our contractors providing funds and labour. All projects aim to have an impact on the whole community, as well as improving biodiversity.

We have several resident sustainability champions and, we’re delighted that one of our residents became a Climate Champion Power List winner in the Unlock Net Zero Live awards 2023.

Reducing consumption

Sustainability and residents are at the heart of our business. We don’t have all the answers to every environmental issue impacting our residents right now, but we do have a clear direction of travel.

Here are just a few of the commitments we’ve made which will support our residents in reducing consumption:

  • Helping residents reduce their water consumption by installing a water meter and water saving devices in all our new builds.
  • Installing smart meter technology in all voids.
  • All new homes will have internal recycling facilities.
  • Providing cycle racks in all our new homes and provide address specific transport advice in all new tenancy packs.
  • Providing a bespoke energy advice service.
  • Running campaigns throughout the year that residents can get involved in.

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