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We're pleased to publish our brand new Environmental Sustainability Strategy. Built on strong foundations, this strategy revolves around six compelling themes:

1. Knowing our homes and environmental impact
2. Affordable warmth and carbon reduction
3. Climate resilience and adaptation
4. Nature and green spaces
5. Heat networks and energy
6. Awareness and reducing consumption

We've teamed up with our residents, sparking a wave of collaboration that saw over 1,500 responses in our initial survey. We wanted to know what they thought about environmental priorities, and the insights poured in.

The strategy seamlessly aligns with our organisational Strategic Plan, recently given the green light by our Board as well as our Asset Management Strategy and Social Impact Statement. 

We're on the road towards a greener future and would love to hear from you.

How do you feel about the strategy? We welcome feedback about our priorities and if they meet your expectations.

We'll use all feedback to develop the strategy further. To get in touch, email environment@southernhousing.org.uk with the subject heading: Environmental Sustainability Strategy feedback.

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