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Shared Ownership is a great way to get on the housing ladder. It makes things a lot more affordable as it means you don't need such a big deposit.

If you buy a Shared Ownership home through Southern Housing you can purchase a share of between 25% and 75% of the property from us.  You’ll then pay a monthly rent for the share of the property that we still own and also pay towards any service charges owed.

We provide exciting opportunities with all of our properties for sale on the basis of Shared Ownership in London and the South East.

We’ve got a wide selection of new build houses and apartments to purchase as part of Shared Ownership schemes in London, the Midlands and the South East.

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When homeowners that have bought their home from us are looking to move, we list their property on our website so others have an opportunity to buy through the Shared Ownership scheme.

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Questions and answers:

Want to find out more about increasing or selling your share or extending your lease? Find out more below in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

As a Shared Owner you are able to sell your property at any time and our team are on hand to help you through the process.

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Yes. If you bought your home through Shared Ownership you are able to purchase further shares in the property when it is affordable to do so. 

This process is called 'Staircasing'.

Staircasing allows you to increase your equity share and can help you to reduce the amount of rent you pay monthly.

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Extending a short lease to a decent length can add thousands to your property’s value.

Generally, the shorter the lease, the lower the value.

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Buying the home you rent

As a Southern Housing resident it may be possible to buy the home that you rent from us.

There are a number of schemes that allow you to do this and the eligibility criteria for each is different.

Find out more about these schemes.

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