How to apply?

You can register with a local authority if you have a priority need to move.

Once you’ve registered with a borough, you’ll be able to ‘bid’ on the homes you’re eligible for. Some boroughs may offer a waiting list rather than a bidding system.

You’ll be contacted when a suitable property is available. You’ll be prioritised based on your housing needs.

To register with the local authorities you must have:

  • A local connection who has lived in the area usually for a minimum of two to five years (depending on the local authority area you live in)
  • A priority need to move, for example if you’re underoccupying or overcrowded.

How to apply? Find your local authority and look to complete a housing application form.

Contact your Local authority


How we allocate our homes

We're committed to allocating our homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way.

More information about the range of housing options we offer and who can access them, plus what you can do if you’re not happy with a decision we have made, can be found in our Housing Options and Lettings Policy.

Read our Housing Options and Lettings Policy


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Buying the home you rent

As a Southern Housing resident it may be possible to buy the home that you rent from us.

There are a number of schemes that allow you to do this and the eligibility criteria for each is different.

Find out more about these schemes.

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