This comes partly down to loss of habitat as wildlife is losing its home and sources of food and water. Urban development has increased, meaning there’s less space for nature.

Climate change is damaging the habitats that are left. This is not only critical for wildlife, but for us too. As a housing provider we need a green infrastructure to help reduce overheating, prevent flooding and trees help to reduce air and noise pollution.

Tree Planting Crew Edit

Improving and increasing biodiversity and open spaces, and having access to community space is also important for residents.

We’ll co-create with residents on their local open spaces and work closely with them on community projects such as tree planting, allotments and sensory gardens.

Find out more about our approach to green spaces in our Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

Read our Environmental Sustainability Strategy


Tree planting at Milton Regis (photo 1/4)

Tree Planting Morrissons House 2

Tree planting at Morrissons House (photo 2/4)


Tree planting at Milton Regis (photo 3/4)


Tree planting at Milton Regis (photo 4/4)

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^ Source: Wildlife Trust.