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Saving Water

It’s week two of Earth Month and this week we're shining a spotlight on water and the importance of being mindful of how much we use.

The water sector in the UK is facing significant challenges due to the impact of climate change. The country is experiencing more frequent and intense extreme weather events like floods and droughts. Because of that, the total water supply is set to decrease by 7% by 2045.

Why Save Water?

  1. Financial savings: Conserving water isn't just environmentally responsible; it can also bring savings to water and energy bills.
  2. Addressing water scarcity: With projections indicating potential water shortages in the UK increasing every year, it's more crucial than ever to be mindful of our water usage. By reducing our consumption, we contribute to ensuring an adequate supply for all.
  3. Environmental impact: By using less energy to pump, heat, and treat water, we can significantly decrease our carbon emissions.

Practical Tips for Water Conservation

- Monitor your water usage by keeping track of bills to identify areas for improvement

- Using a water calculator to provide insights and tips on personal water-saving techniques.

At Southern Housing, we're committed to sustainability, and water conservation is a key component of this. We aim to empower our staff and residents with tools and advice to reduce water consumption and collectively work towards a more sustainable future. Together, let's make every drop count.


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