What do volunteers do?

Our volunteers have a wide range of responsibilities.

This includes engaging with our residents, working with senior colleagues to see how well we’re delivering our services, and taking part in resident events throughout the year.

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer at Southern Housing please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss the options open to you.

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What do we offer?

There are many ways you can get involved as a volunteer. Opportunities are designed to match your interests, how much time you have and where you want to go.

We’re looking for residents who are interested in encouraging and supporting others to improve their health and wellbeing and are able to commit to volunteering for one year.

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As part of a new gardening grants programme, you’ll be working with a group or individual local to you, providing advice, guidance, and hands-on help with their gardening project.

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As a part of the ‘Getting to Know You’ Project, volunteers will be working with our older residents (aged 55 and over) living in our sheltered schemes in and around Brighton/Sussex to improve happiness and general wellbeing of our residents.

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You can provide guidance and advice to local entrepreneurs in Kent and Sussex.

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