Last updated: 17 April 2024


Residents have priority garage rental (tenants, leaseholders and shared-owners), but we will also consider non-residents. 

If you are interested in applying for one of our garage areas, you'll need to fill in the application form (below). If garages are not available in your chosen area, we'll add you to waiting list. However, areas with high demand and long waiting lists may be removed from options here until waiting lists reduce. 

We allocate garages on a first come first served basis. However, we give priority to our residents who have a Blue Badge. Once a garage becomes available, we will get in touch to confirm the pricing and to help with any questions you may have. 

You can use your garage to store a vehicle or your personal goods and furniture, but we ask that you don’t use it as a workshop. We do not allow you to store pets, people, commercial goods, perishable goods, illegal goods, un-taxed or un-roadworthy vehicles, flammable or explosive substances in the garage.

You may be responsible for repairs to your garage. Please check our Repairs Policy for a list of repairs you are responsible for. If we are responsible for a repair, you must let us know immediately. 

Repairs Policy

Garage locations

Availability last updated 17/04/2024

Please note: Those with 'waiting list only' are high demand areas and have a long wait time. Please consider this when applying. 


  • Sutton Court
  • Jubilee Court
  • Campbell Court
  • Elizabeth Court
  • Helen Court


  • Courtney Road, Dunkirk/ Boughton
  • St Pauls Road, Dunkirk/ Boughton
  • The Charltons, Dunkirk/ Boughton
  • The Ridgeway, Dunkirk/ Boughton
  • Forbes Road, Faversham Town (waiting list only)
  • Buttermere, Love Lane
  • Ennerdale, Love Lane
  • Windermere, Love Lane
  • Abbots Road, Millfield
  • Arden Road, Millfield
  • Millfield Road, Millfield
  • Broomfield Road, North Preston
  • Kennedy Close, North Preston (garages available)
  • Priority Place (1 only), North Preston
  • Colegates Close, Oare
  • Lionfield, Ospringe
  • St Nicholas Road, Ospringe
  • Neames Forstal, Selling
  • Donald Moor Avenue, Teynham (garages available)
  • Frognal Close, Teynham
  • The Trefoil, Norton
  • Boxley Close (garages available)
  • Edenbridge Drive (waiting list only)
  • Estuary Road (waiting list only)
  • Medway Road (waiting list only)
  • Milstead Close 
  • Second Avenue (waiting list only)
  • St Agnes Gardens (waiting list only)
  • St Georges Avenue (waiting list only)
  • Bramley Way, Eastchurch
  • Cheyne Road, Eastchurch
  • Admirals Walk, Halfway
  • Raleigh Way, Halfway
  • Blatcher Close, Minster
  • Noreen Avenue, Minster
  • Prince Charles, Avenue Minster
  • Petfield Close, Minster
  • Windmill Rise, Minster
  • Foxley Road, Queenborough (waiting list only)
  • North Road, Queenborough
  • South Street, Queenborough
  • Riverview, Rushenden
  • Rushenden Court, Rushenden
  • Second Avenue (waiting list only)
  • South Street (waiting list only)
  • Bishop Lane, Upchurch
  • Bramley Close, Newington
  • Broom Road, Murston (garages available)
  • Chilton Avenue, Sittingbourne
  • Church Road, Murston
  • Denham Road, Newington
  • Frensham Close, Newington (garages available)
  • Fruiterers Close, Rodmersham
  • Glebe Lane, Sittingbourne (garages available)
  • Gorse Road, Murston (garages available)
  • Greenways, Sittingbourne
  • Homewood Avenue, Sittingbourne (garages available)
  • Kenilworth Court, Sittingbourne
  • Manor Grove, Sittingbourne (garages available)
  • Meadow Close, Iwade
  • Pear Tree Walk, Newington
  • Peregrine Drive, Sittingbourne (garages available)
  • Regis Crescent, Milton Regis
  • Sprotshill Close, Milton Regis (garages available)
  • St Johns Avenue, Sittingbourne
  • The Crescent, Kemsley
  • Travers Gardens, Bredgar
  • Trinity Road, Milton (garages available)
  • Wentworth Drive, Sittingbourne
  • Westmoreland Drive, Lower Halstow
  • Westwood Walk, Newington
  • Wihtred Road, Bapchild
  • Woodberry Drive, Murston
  • Ypres Drive Kemsley.
  • Orchard Court
  • Coolinge
  • Pilgrim Springs
  • Hyde Court
  • Viliers
  • Ethlebert Road
  • Queens Parade

Hampshire and Isle of Wight

  • Elm Lake
  • Greenlands 
  • St Swithens
  • Field Place
  • Lake Green Road
  • Edinburgh Road
  • Groves Close
  • Basketts Lane
  • Hazely Combe
  • Merstone Lane
  • Dubbers
  • Flicroft Gardens
  • School Close
  • Crossway
  • Gloucester Road
  • St Johns Road
  • Martine Close
  • Withyfields
  • Reading House
  • Spring Court

London and Surrey

Ethlebert Road

Rutherwick Rise, Coulsdon

Bowes Road, Palmers Green

  • Lansdowne Green, Stockwell (waiting list only)
  • Church Manor Estate, Lambeth (waiting list only)
  • Maskall Close (High Trees), Tulse Hill
  • Neil Wates Crescent, Tulse Hill

Tubbenden Lane, Orpington (waiting list only)

Upper Richmond Road, Putney

  • Amhurst
  • Cyprus Street
  • Overhill Road
  • Cazenove Road
  • Samuel Lewis Estates


  • Preston Road, Sidley
  • Calgary Road, Sidley (waiting list only)
  • Sidley Car Park (Ninfield Rd), Sidley (waiting list only)
  • Pankhurst Close, Sidley (waiting list only)
  • Mount Idol View, Sidley (waiting list only)
  • Cuthbert Close, Sidley (waiting list only)
  • St Mark’s Close, Little Common (waiting list only)
  • Dallington Close, Pebsham (waiting list only)
  • Kinver Lane, Pebsham (waiting list only)
  • Martyns Way, Pebsham (waiting list only)
  • Seabourne Road, Pebsham
  • Thakeham Close, Pebsham (waiting list only)
  • Wannock Close, Pebsham
  • Asten Fields, Battle
  • Coronation Gardens, Battle
  • Marley Rise, Battle
  • Mountjoy, Battle
  • Wellington Gardens, Battle
  • Coombs Cottages, Beckley
  • Levetts Lane, Bodiam
  • Oakhill Drive, Broad Oak
  • Highfields, Burwash
  • Pelwood Road, Camber
  • The Green, Ewhurst
  • Allards, Guestling
  • Higham Gardens, Guestling
  • Coronation Gardens, Hurst Green (waiting list only)
  • Coplands Rise, Northiam (garages available)
  • Park View, Peasmarsh
  • The Maltings, Peasmarsh
  • Bankside, Rye (garages available)
  • Denton Close, Rye (garages available)
  • Ferring Close, Rye (garages available)
  • Henley Close, Rye (garages available)
  • Nutley Close, Rye (garages available)
  • Pottingfield Road, Rye
  • Rotherview, Salehurst (garages available)
  • Cricketers Field, Staplecross
  • Springfields, Ticehurst (garages available)
  • Woodmans Oak, Whatlington
  • Churchfield, Westfield
  • Geary Place, Westfield
  • Crowborough Road, Hastings (waiting list only)
  • Malvern Way, Hastings (waiting list only)
  • Mountbatten Close, Hastings (waiting list only)
  • North Terrace, Hastings (waiting list only)
  • Wellesley Court, Hastings (waiting list only)
  • West View, Hastings (waiting list only)
  • Adam Close, St Leonards on Sea
  • Battle Road, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Blackman Ave, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Buckingham Road, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • De Cham Road, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Essex Road, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Hertford Close, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Hollington Old Lane, St Leonards on Sea
  • Howlett Close, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Jameson Crescent, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Kent Road, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Lincoln Close, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Norfolk Drive, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Northampton Way, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Parsons Close, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Stonehouse Drive, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Willingdon Avenue, St Leonards on Sea (waiting list only)
  • Gregory Court
  • Ottley Way
  • Wallis House
  • Glenside
  • Ellis Road
  • Lakeside Court

Wiltshire (former Southern Housing Group)

  • Thorney Park
  • Farmers Cottages

Garage application

Please tick each that describe you *
Are you a Blue Badge holder? *
Next of kin/emergency contact
Where is your chosen garage located? *
Is the garage former Optivo or former Southern Housing Group? (check the labels in the garage list above)
Do you rent a garage from us currently? *
Have you rented a garage from us in the past? *
Terms and conditions *
When renting a garage/parking bay you are required to pay one (1) month or five (5) weeks in advance and set up direct debit or standing order. This payment will be set up during your appointment which will be arranged to sign garage/parking bay licence agreement and collect keys/access device. Please note we’re unable to accept cash. You agree to keep rental payments up-to-date and update us if your circumstances change. Anything stored in your garage is done so at your own risk. Southern Housing does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to any vehicle or other effects stored in the garage. Please make sure you have contents insurance to cover the cost of any potential damages or loss. Please see our Responsive Repairs Policy for information regarding repairs you a responsible for. If we are responsible for a repair, you must let us know immediately.
Consent for storing submitted data *
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Ending your garage rental agreement

If you currently rent a garage from us and wish to terminate this agreement then you can do this by clicking the button below.

By ending your agreement, you are agreeing to the following: 

  • You are confirming that you are giving us one full week’s notice to end the rental of your garage.
  • The termination date is always a Sunday. As we must have one clear week’s notice prior to termination of the agreement this means the time it takes for your agreement to end will differ depending on when you give notice. E.g. if you give notice on a Tuesday, the termination date will be the Sunday 12 days later
  • You will clear the garage of all goods and rubbish and return the keys to the area office on or before 12 noon on the Monday immediately following the end date.
  • You understand if you don’t return the keys on this date, your licence will still end and Southern Housing will change the locks.
  • If Southern Housing has to clear goods left in the garage, change the locks, or carry out any repairs which are your responsibility, you understand you’ll be charged for the work.
  • You understand Southern Housing has the right to sell or otherwise dispose of any goods left in the garage after the termination date. 

End my agreement