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Things you can do that may help

Mould needs water to grow. There are three ways to reduce it:

  1. Control household moisture
  2. Careful heating
  3. Careful ventilation.

We’ve put together some top tips which will help prevent condensation, damp and mould.

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We’re proactively dealing with the issue of mould and damp in our homes

We’re taking proactive steps to install data loggers in our homes to see how the property is performing. They record heat, humidity and moisture levels to help us work with residents to identify and rectify any issues before they happen.

We work alongside our residents throughout in cases where damp and mould are present.

We’ve also got a programme which looks at the condition of our homes, with 20% of our homes visited each year. Most of the cases we’ve dealt with over the last year were picked up via this programme.

We’ll continue to make information readily available to you here on our website and via our resident newsletter.

We’ve reviewed all complaints and reports of damp over the past few years. We wanted to see if there’s anything more we should have done or we can do.

We’re tracking damp and mould cases closely. These are prioritised by risk, and we’re keeping residents up to date with proposed resolutions and progress. We understand the importance of strong communication.

We’re working with relevant local authorities to find solutions together in cases where residents have asked to move.

We’ve worked with a group of our residents to improve our service to you. Here are some of the changes we’ve already made:

  • Provided additional damp and mould refresher training to our surveyors and front-line teams - asking them to report any concerns
  • Fitted more devices which monitor heat, humidity and moisture point in homes. This follows successful pilots in recent years
  • Expanded our surveying team to help deal with the workload.
  • Our teams must record whether damp or mould is present in a property as part of our regular inspections of homes. This automatically goes into our system
  • We’ve created a dedicated team to look at this issue after a service review was conducted with residents.

For a more in-depth look at what we’ve done, please visit here.

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Reporting issues to us

We would urge any resident who has concerns about damp and mould to contact us immediately.

Our team are ready to support you, but it’s vital you tell us about any issues so we can help.

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Damp and Mould Scrutiny Project

Read the latest report from our Resident Scrutiny Panel

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