Minor adaptations

Minor adaptations are small adjustments to your home. These can be arranged without referrals from an occupational therapist. 

These include things like:

  • Handrails over the bath
  • Handrails to the outside of the front or back door
  • Grab rails

Please get in touch to discuss further.

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What if I need major alterations?

Major adaptations are funded by a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) available from your local authority.

You need to have an assessment from an occupational therapist. They will assess you and your home and support your request by sending us an Occupational Therapist report. This process may vary depending on where you live.  

Some examples of major adaptations are: 

  • Access ramps
  • Level access showers
  • Wheelchair accessible kitchens.

We need to give our permission for any grant funded adaptations. Your local authority will contact us directly about this.

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