As a Southern Housing resident, you must:

  • Pay your rent on time.  If you receive welfare benefits, let us know immediately about any changes which may affect your rent or your ability to pay
  • Live in your home - you cannot sublet your home to someone else
  • Allow us access to your home for gas inspections or to carry out repairs we’re responsible for
  • Let us know if you’re going to be away for more than 28 days.  And give us details of who we can contact in case of an emergency.
  • Be a respectful neighbour – make sure everyone in your home (including visitors) is considerate and doesn’t cause a nuisance to neighbours. Read more about anti-social behaviour.
  • Tell us when you intend to move out and give us at least a month’s notice
  • Get our permission if you want to make changes or alterations to your home
  • Get our permission if you want to run a business from your home
  • Never use your home for any illegal activities.

We expect you to:

  • Keep to your tenancy conditions. Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement where you can find your tenancy conditions.
  • Look after your home (and garden where applicable) and not cause damage to it
  • Tell us about repairs need to your home.  Remember you are responsible for damage you cause to your home
  • Report damage you, members of your household or visitors have caused
  • Always keep us up to date with who’s living in your home 
  • Keep your shared areas clear and not leave caravans, boats or untaxed vehicles on your drive
  • Take responsibility for your personal contents (we recommend you take out home contents insurance)

If you break your tenancy agreement we’ll contact you and take appropriate action. If it’s a serious breach, we can take legal action.

Our responsibilities

  • Keep to the tenancy conditions
  • Take your views into account and consult with you about significant changes to our services
  • Carry out the repairs we’re responsible for
  • Allow you to carry out your own improvements and alterations with our permission
  • Allow you to swap homes with another social landlord or council tenant.  This is providing you’re not in rent arrears, have no history of anti-social behaviour and your tenancy agreement permits it
  • Give you information on the personal information we hold on you. See our privacy statement.