As a Southern Housing resident, you must:

We expect you to:

  • Keep to your tenancy conditions. Please refer to your Tenancy Agreement where you can find your tenancy conditions.
  • Look after your home (and garden where applicable) and not cause damage to it
  • Tell us about repairs need to your home.  Remember you are responsible for damage you cause to your home
  • Report damage you, members of your household or visitors have caused
  • Always keep us up to date with who’s living in your home 
  • Keep your shared areas clear and not leave caravans, boats or untaxed vehicles on your drive
  • Take responsibility for your personal contents (we recommend you take out home contents insurance)

If you break your tenancy agreement we’ll contact you and take appropriate action. If it’s a serious breach, we can take legal action.

Tenancy Fraud is a criminal offence which can lead to a prison sentence. Find out more about the impact of tenancy fraud and how you can report it to us if you suspect something.

More about tenancy fraud

Our responsibilities

  • Keep to the tenancy conditions
  • Take your views into account and consult with you about significant changes to our services
  • Carry out the repairs we’re responsible for
  • Allow you to carry out your own improvements and alterations with our permission
  • Allow you to swap homes with another social landlord or council tenant.  This is providing you’re not in rent arrears, have no history of anti-social behaviour and your tenancy agreement permits it
  • Give you information on the personal information we hold on you. See our privacy statement
  • When you contact us we'll deliver services in line with our Customer Service Promise
  • If you have an advocate or someone to help you, that's fine. They can contact us on your behalf – so long as you tell us they can. To set it up for someone to speak on your behalf, please contact us.

We're here to help all residents who are vulnerable, or at risk of losing their home. Find out more about our approach to tenancy sustainment here.

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Our Tenure Policy

For those that rent their home from us, our Tenure Policy provides more information about:

  • The types of occupation or tenancy agreement we use
  • Sustaining tenancies, supporting vulnerable tenants and preventing unnecessary eviction
  • Assignment, succession, joint tenancy, mutual exchange
  • Tenancy fraud.
Find out more about our Tenure Policy