We know good weather in the UK is precious, especially on a Bank Holiday and with warm temperatures possible this weekend, you might be thinking of firing up the barbecue.

For residents who’ve gardens, this is relatively low risk if managed safely, however barbecuing on a balcony is extremely dangerous. It’s also a breach of tenancy and we’ll take action against anyone found doing this.

Every year, London firefighters warn against barbecuing on balconies. The number of balcony fires is on the rise and if a fire breaks out on your balcony, it could spread much faster than inside. This is because inside the walls and doors can contain a fire, and there’s a limited supply of oxygen. Also, balconies often contain combustible materials.

Please help us to keep you, your family and your neighbours safe. Barbecue safely by following the guidance below:

  • Never use a BBQ indoors or on a balcony. This includes any temporary outdoor shelter including tents, marquees, yurts, gazebos and playhouses
  • Always use your BBQ in accordance with the operating instructions
  • Check your BBQ for damage before use - never use a faulty, defective BBQ
  • Ensure your BBQ is on a level ground when using it. In the case of disposable BBQs, use on a non-combustible surface. Keep away from any trees, fences, sheds or shrubs
  • Don't use petrol, paraffin or any flammable liquids on your BBQ – firelighters are a much safer option
  • Keep children and pets far away from the BBQ area
  • Never leave the BBQ unattended
  • Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of emergencies
  • Ensure disposable BBQs are cold before disposing responsibly into refuse containers. Even a slightly warm BBQ could cause a fire
  • The cooking area should be away from buildings and well-ventilated with fresh air
  • A BBQ can still give off fumes that can give you carbon monoxide poisoning even when you’ve finished using it. You should always leave it outside
  • Be aware of the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning: headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapse, loss of consciousness.

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