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Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner and these occasions are often one of the highlights of the year for many families, but there are numerous fire risks at this time of year too.
We want you to enjoy your autumnal activities and stay safe, following the guidance below will reduce the risk and ensure your fun isn’t ruined by fire.

Have a spooky but safe Halloween;
- Costumes are often flammable, if you can’t find one that isn’t, avoid trailing fabrics
- Teach kids the ‘stop, drop and roll’ technique, which will help should their costume catch fire
- Use battery powered tealights in your pumpkins and other decorations
- Keep decorations away from heat sources and open flames
- Keep exit routes and communal areas clear of decorations
- Check your smoke alarms are working
- Keep an eye on pets around open flames

Remember remember, fireworks and bonfires can be dangerous if not managed properly. It’s safest to attend an organised event but if you are celebrating at home;
- Only buy fireworks which carry the CE mark, use them one at a time and always read the instructions
- Never return to a firework once it’s been lit
- Don’t put fireworks in pockets or throw them
- Build your bonfire away from buildings, sheds, hedges and fences
- Keep a bucket of water or hosepipe nearby, in case of emergencies
- Never use petrol or paraffin on a fire
- Don’t leave a bonfire unattended
- Put fires out and make surroundings safe before leaving the area
- Never start a fire of any sort on a balcony


For more tips on how to stay safe at this time of year, visit

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