Earlier this year, Ohenewaa Adu-Akyeampong, Trainee Solicitor at Southern Housing was honoured with the Early Housing Career Award at the G15 Ethnicity in Housing Awards, recognising her significant contributions towards her personal growth, our organisation, and the local community.

We’ve spoke to Ohenewaa  to find out what this month means to her.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

"Black History Month is a time to pause, reflect, acknowledge, and honour the enduring contributions of individuals from the African diaspora to British society.

As I reflect, I find myself deeply inspired, empowered, and resolute in embracing my identity, rich heritage and legacy."

Who’s your inspiration?

"The theme for this year's BHM, ‘saluting its sisters’, immediately evokes the remarkable Angela Bassett. I distinctly remember her impassioned speech when she was honoured with the prestigious Star Power Award at the 2019 Black Girls Rock Award ceremony.I share Angela's profound words with my fellow sisters to inspire and uplift us all:"

So when you’re told you’re not good enough, you tell them, not only am I good enough, I’m more than good enough.

When they say send her back home, you tell them I am home. I am the foundation of what you call home. When they tell you that you’re angry or nasty, you tell them that they’re mistaken. This is me. This is me being resolute and standing firmly in my truth. And when they say you’re not beautiful, you tell them that you are the descendant of royalty.

What does diversity mean to you?

"Diversity means ensuring we intentionally create and nurture a culture that provides mental, physical, emotional, and psychological safety for everyone who calls Southern Housing 'home'. It's about the freedom to be one's authentic self while upholding our core heart values and delivering outstanding service to our residents."

What does equality, diversity and inclusion look and feel like at Southern Housing?

"I love that we're currently observing both Latino Heritage Month and Black History Month. I made time to delve into the importance of Latino Heritage Month, sharing websites with my friendship groups, and extending warm wishes to my Latino friends in celebration of this significant month. This commitment to acknowledging and appreciating diverse cultures is a testament to our ongoing efforts at Southern Housing to foster EDI."

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