Please note: the figures below reflect the results from surveyed residents living in our low cost rental accommodation (LCRA). The results from our surveyed homeowners can be viewed here.

TSM Overallsatisfaction

Overall satisfaction

67% satisfaction

TSM Fair&Respect

Fair & Respect

81% satisfaction

TSM Contributiontoneighbourhood

Contribution to neighbourhood

80% satisfaction

TSM Keepresidentsinformed

Keep residents informed

78% satisfaction

TSM Safehome

Safe home

78% satisfaction

TSM Wellmaintained

Well maintained

73% satisfaction

TSM Communalareas

Communal areas

69% satisfaction

TSM Asbhandling

ASB handling


TSM Repairsservice

Repairs service

68% satisfaction

TSM Listenandacts

Listens and acts

63% satisfaction

TSM Repairstimetaken

Repairs time taken

63% satisfaction

TSM Complaintshandling

Complaints handling

34% satisfaction

We’re pleased to say that 81% of residents feel we treat them fairly and with respect . We know this is really important to residents, so we’re pleased to score highly in this area. This was closely followed by Contribution to Neighbourhood (80%).

Were also pleased that 78% or residents agree we keep them well informed and 78% reported they feel safe in their homes. 

This is great news as we know that feeling informed and safe helps residents enjoy their homes and have peace of mind. We’ll maintain our focus on these areas as we continue to improve the customer experience for all our residents.

Keeping homes well maintained (73%) is the second biggest driver of overall satisfaction for residents. Whilst this is a good result, we know we’ve more work to do to improve the repairs experiences for our residents.

We’ve invested significantly in our Repairs Team, creating over 90 new frontline jobs and increasing the amount we spend on repairs and planned improvements. This means that in the next 12 months we expect to invest over £268 million in our existing homes.

We want to show residents respect

In our survey, we ask some extra questions to understand resident experience of the last contact they had with us.

The main reasons residents contact us are for repairs, tenancy management, complaints, and rent. 91% of residents said they were Treated with Respect and supported by the ‘polite and helpful advisors’. 

73% of residents agreed our colleagues took Responsibility to support them.

Our Repairs service scored 68% and the time taken to complete repairs scored 63%. This has the second lowest satisfaction score, together with Listens and Acts .

Resident dissatisfaction with the repairs service comes from time taken to carry out the repairs and the quality of the repair. Residents who were unhappy with the service commented that it can take months to complete repairs.  Appointments were also raised as an issue, as operatives may not turn up or attend outside the scheduled time. We’re already making improvements and have retendered our London repairs service contract, which has been the root cause of much dissatisfaction. We expect these changes to result in improvements during 2024-25.

ASB handling (68%) is also an area we want to build higher levels of satisfaction. We’re working closely with residents and our local partners on community safety and have introduced an ASB service improvement plan.

Listens and Acts (63%) is an area for improvement. When asked about engagement, residents highlight concerns around issues not being acted upon (13%) and not feeling listened to (9%) . When we asked for more details, many residents told us their comments related to repairs and general maintenance (internal and external). Residents tell us they report issues, but when nothing gets done, they feel we’re not listening. The majority of residents referred to our repairs services when responding to the tenant perception measures.

Complaints handling (34%) satisfaction is the lowest result among all the questions, Residents expressed that the process was slow/no responses (32%). Residents report making repeated contact with either no response or lack of ownership. Despite some negative feedback on complaints, some residents were happy with the complaints process, stating we dealt with issues quickly.

We’re taking action to improve our Complaints Service and we’re changing our culture to elevate the importance of managing complaints quickly and effectively. We placed the entire process under the responsibility of a single executive director to ensure visibility and accountability. We’ve restructured our complaints handling process and we’ve grown our Complaints Team to clear the backlog of complaints following the merger. 

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How do we produce our results?

We explain the process we follow to produce our Tenant Satisfaction Measure results.

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