Safety and security

  • We will test all gas installations to make sure they’re safe and in good
    working order
  • We will check the wiring and electric installations and repair any faults
  • We will give you a copy of your:
    Gas certificate
    Electrical certificate
    Energy performance certificate.
  • We will check, repair or replace any faulty fire resistant doors and fire
    prevention mechanisms
  • We will fit suitable child safety catches to all windows above ground floor
  • We will make sure handrails and banisters are present and securely fixed
  • We will check all glazing is intact and re-glaze where necessary
  • We will make sure all external doors and windows throughout your home fit their frames and open and close properly
  • We will make sure locks are fitted to your external doors and you’re given at least two sets of keys
  • We may leave net curtains for security purposes.

Inside your home

Your home will have a suitable heating system in the main living areas. And you’ll find at least one double plug socket in each room, except the bathroom.

We’ll always remove any belongings or rubbish left by the previous resident and clean your home thoroughly. We'll ensure your home is pest free.

  • We will provide a minimum of a double base and double wall unit, including worktop and stainless steel sink
  • We will make space for a cooker, fridge and washing machine (where possible)
  • You will either have an electric cooker panel or a gas cooker connection
    (both where possible). 
  • If you have an extractor fan, it will be clean and in good working order.

Your bathroom will have a bath or shower, a wash hand basin and a toilet in good working condition. They will be clean and free from lime scale.

  • We will replace missing and cracked tiles to match the existing ones as closely as possible
  • We will provide a cooker space tiled to the same height as the splashback
  • We will ensure the splashback to the bath will be greater where a shower
    or hair rinse facility has been installed
  • We will provide a minimum of a 300mm two course high splash backs to baths, wash hand basins/sinks and worktops
  • We will ensure all mastic seals are watertight.
  • We will replace any missing or damaged floor tiles in a colour or style to match
    existing as closely as possible
  • We’ll secure any loose floorboards and replace any damaged ones
  • If we have to replace the entire floor covering in the kitchen or bathroom we’ll use a slip resistant floor covering.

Carpets are a tenant’s responsibility

In your home, the outgoing tenant has either lifted their carpets for their
own use or we have removed them due to their condition. Please refer to your Terms and Conditions of Tenancy.

Tenure Policy

Bathroom and toilet doors will be lockable and we’ll fit door closers to your fire doors.

  • We will ensure your stopcock is in good working order
  • We will inspect all pipework for leaks and suitable lagging
  • We will check and clear any blockages in the waste pipes
  • We will insulate all hot water cylinders.

Decorating is a Tenant’s Responsibility. But, as part of our work, we’ll re-stick small areas of loose wallpaper and strip any large areas of loose paper.

In some circumstances, where some rooms are in poor decorative condition, we may provide some decorating materials or vouchers.

Generally, we don’t provide white goods. But where we’ve provided a white good, such as a cooker or fridge, and not gifted it to you, we’ll test it’s safe to use before you move in.

If you're struggling to pay for new white goods, please speak to our Financial Inclusion Team who may be able to help.

Financial support
  • We will note all signs of structural damage or movement and take the appropriate next steps
  • We will rake and fill or re-plaster areas of badly cracked or blown plaster
  • We will remove all polystyrene tiles and adhesive and make good affected surfaces
  • We will remove all exposed nails and wall plugs, filling any holes and rubbing down surfaces to a smooth finish
  • We will trace and stop all sources of water penetration and rising damp
  • We will cover any stains with a stain inhibiting paint.

Outside your home

  • We will fill any gaps or holes in the brickwork
  • We will check all roofing, guttering, down pipes and gullies for any defects/blockages.

We will clear any blocked drains and/or broken manholes.

We will leave communal bins and bin stores in a safe and useable condition.

  • We will clear the garden area of any rubbish
  • We will fill any garden ponds
  • We will cut back overgrown vegetation
  • We will remove any trees within an unsafe distance of the property
  • We will remove any diseased, self-sown/sapling trees and any fast-growing varieties
  • We will ensure any remaining trees are of a manageable size
  • We will ensure all paths and paving are sound and free from trip hazards
  • We will leave boundary walls, fencing and gates in a safe condition.

Once we’ve achieved this standard, the upkeep of your garden is your responsibility, including maintenance of:

  • Grassed areas
  • Plant/shrub bed
  • Trees
  • Fencing (unless the fence borders a public highway)
  • Patio
  • Rear garden path
  • Sheds
  • Anything within your property’s boundary.

Just moved in?

We’ll visit shortly after you move in to see how you’re settling in and to ask if there’s anything else we can help with.

We’ll always arrange any further work we need to do to meet these standards.

Contact us

We want you to be happy in your new home so we’ll make every effort to ensure we meet these standards and that you’re happy with the condition of your new home.

If you feel we have not met these standards, or there is something you think we have missed, please contact us.

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