During the course of major works undertaken in 2021 and 2022 we recognised that residents would benefit from having access to documents and letters that they have been receiving.  Here you'll find all letters, and minutes from resident meetings as well as other useful major works information. This includes any future plans for the estate such as the lift or window upgrades due in 2028.

Please note: Major works does not include any Estate Improvements such as bike stores or upgrades to play equipment, or include any measures we take to tackle antisocial behaviour on the estate.

Service charge repayment options

Please click here for further information on your service charge repayment options for the major works. If you would like to discuss repayment of major works invoices you receive in 2023 or thereafter, please contact our Customer Accounts team on 0300 303 1061 and an advisor will be able to guide you on your options and how best to pay any balance due.

Ladlands and Bredinghurst lift major works