What checks do we do?

There are a huge number of checks we carry out to our buildings, including:

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report - every five year
  • Lift Planned Preventative Maintenance - every month to every year
  • Lift Thorough Examinations - every six months
  • Oil Fuel Service and Safety Check - every year
  • Powered Entry Equipment (Planned Preventative Maintenance) - every six months to every year
  • Renewable Heating (Planned Preventative Maintenance) - every year
  • Solar Photovoltaic (Planned Preventative Maintenance) – every five years
  • Solid Fuel Safety Service and Safety Check - every year
  • Water Hygiene Inspection and Monitoring - every week to every six months
  • Flat entrance doors in blocks over 11 metres - every year
  • Common area fire doors for blocks over 11 metres - every three months
  • Fire Alarm Systems - communal – every three months to 12 months
  • Emergency Lighting - every month to every 12 months.

Our checks may vary between our blocks, depending on things like the building’s height.

All homes with a gas supply also have a gas service and safety check every year. We also inspect and test your electrical installations every four to five years.

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