Our Independent Living Team provide secure and accessible social housing for people over the age of 55, or 50 with a long-term health condition, who have a housing need and meet our eligibility criteria

We aim to meet a variety of needs through a range of options, including:

  • Sheltered
  • Over 55s apartments and bungalows
  • Extra care.

Our homes offer independent living in an easy-to-manage home with the companionship of other older people living close by.

You’ll find our schemes across London, Hampshire, Berkshire, Kent, East Sussex, Surrey, the Midlands and the Isle of Wight.

They include one- or two-bed self-contained apartments, each with their own kitchen, bathroom and front door. Many have balconies or patio space, with shared gardens and are accessible throughout. The majority also have guest rooms for family or friends.

We run regular social activities – our aim is to promote active, healthy lifestyles, but it’s up to you how much you want to get involved. Our friendly schemes also offer a safe and secure environment.  Our staff are  there during set hours each week.  And we also provide 24-hour emergency assistance through a call system, so there's always someone available for support.

Here to help

Your Independent Living Team will aim to make you feel safe, comfortable and happy in your home.  As well as making you feel welcome, they will:

  • Keep in touch every day - if you want them to
  • Look after the scheme and promote social activities
  • Support you if you need help with forms and paperwork
  • Help you get advice when you need it.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about our homes, we'd be happy to answer them so please email independentlivingteamcontactus@southernhousing.org.uk

Applying for a home

For most of our properties, we can only accept local authority referrals so you'll need to contact them first if you want to start the application process. Each of our property listings will include details for the local authority if this is the case. 

We do currently have vacancies in the West Midlands. If you are interested in any of our properties in this region, you can contact us directly by email or phone 0800 121 6060.


To be successful in applying for any of our properties you must qualify as having a housing need. You will need to show this by first registering with your local authority.

All applicants must also meet each scheme criteria and demonstrate a need for this service. Visit our housing options and lettings policy for more information. 


Our Independent Living service has achieved the prestigious erosh Independent Living Standards accreditation.

The nationally recognised accreditation will ensure we continue to deliver a high-quality service for residents living in our independent living schemes.

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