Report contents:

This years report contains information about the following:

Section 1: Highlights

  • About Southern Housing
  • Opening statements

Section 2: Strategic report

  • Our Business Model 
  • Strategic Plan 2023-26 
  • Sustainability 
  • SEC Report Submission Statement 
  • Financial Review 
  • Value for Money 
  • Financial Planning and Treasury Management 
  • Risk Management

Section 3: Leadership and governance

  • The Board 
  • Committees 
  • Resident Governance 
  • Executive Team 
  • Compliance 

Section 4: Financial statements

  • Independent Auditor’s Report to the Members 
  • Statement of Comprehensive Income 
  • Statement of Financial Position 
  • Statement of Changes in Reserves 
  • Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 
  • Notes to the Financial Statements, including information about surplus for the year, turnover, units of housing stock and the remuneration of Directors’ and senior executives.
  • Other company information.

Previous reports:

Southern Housing is a new housing association that formed in December 2022 following the merger of Optivo and Southern Housing Group (SHG). Below are 3 years worth of Financial statements for both these legacy organisations.



Southern Housing Group (SHG):