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The aim of this initiative is to support local residents who are struggling with food poverty as well as to strengthen community bonds.

Every Wednesday, a community fridge offers residents access to affordable fresh, frozen and cupboard food. Supported by Hubbub, The Felix Project, and Albrighton Centre, the fridge has already served over 1,700 households in the last year and demand is growing.

A renovated milk float, in partnership with Be Enriched and Southwark Council, also brings low-cost fruit and vegetables to the estate on Thursdays. This float is joined bi-weekly by the Public Health Vital 5 van, providing free health checks.

Amy Washbrook, Food Project Coordinator for Southern Housing, said, “We recognise the powerful role food plays in strengthening our communities. I’m working with and for residents who’ve lived in the same block but feel isolated from neighbours. They meet at the community fridge and are now good friends. People turn up over an hour early just to sit and chat with neighbours. We’re connecting and bringing residents together”.

We've also set up community growing plots with Arbor Projects. Residents volunteer and learn about gardening and composting. Some of the produce is distributed through the community fridge, and any unsuitable food is composted, creating a sustainable cycle.

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