The project started in July 2019 when Many Sisters was given enough funding to make the project happen through a funder with a focus on East London – specifically the Boroughs of Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets.

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From this point onwards our dedicated team of five women hosted a regular series of exciting events where they met with residents face-to-face and looked to raise awareness of the project.

From 'cooking on a budget' courses to digital skills and mental health workshops- our Many Sisters team covered it all!

Alice Webster, the Services Manager said: “Having the funding to set up the Many Sisters project was fantastic news, as enabled us to build on the amazing work already performed by the our teams.

“Our aim with the Many Sisters project was to provide support and intervene to prepare women for difficult financial life shocks, such as a change in benefits or unexpected bills, and prevent these from having the serious impact they so often do.  The feedback has been amazing!”


The project was viewed as a massive success. Read more in our Evaluation report here ^.


What did our residents say?

You can read what two of our residents thought about the Many Sisters project below.


Dorothy was born and raised in the Midlands, worked in London for approximately 20 years.

  • What attracted you in the project?
    I am a BAMER woman and I was keen to get involved with this project as it’s geared to informing awareness on issues that affect women from the BAMER communities as well as single mothers.

  • Why did you choose to become involved in the project?
    I am keen to help other BAMER women find a way out of complicated life situations and support them into finding financial freedom. It’s also a chance for me to gain new skills and experience.

  • What impact has the program had on you so far?
    I found the project to be very informative. The information provided by the team was very useful. I even took some of the leaflets home. I thought the shopping basket challenge, where we were encouraged to calculate the total of two separate shopping baskets, one being full of branded items and the other being a basked full of saver items, was a good challenge. It also made me understand better where I could make some savings on my monthly shopping bill.

  • Did you learn anything new?
    Yes! I was surprised at how much information was available to Southern Housing residents. I also found some very helpful contacts from our partner organisations. I’ve also learnt how to push myself out of my comfort zone to approach and encourage women within the local community to come and see what Many Sisters was about and how they could help them personally.

  • Why do you think more people should know about the program?
    Many Sisters project can give BAMER women a chance to learn new skills, gain new experiences and feel confident about themselves. It’s not easy to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it. Community engagement is vital for this project.


Runi is a BAMER woman and a mother who at the time of joining the project was looking for work.

  • What attracted you in the project?
    I can’t define one thing- everything was great. I really enjoyed the creative games and activities. Very entertaining and educational.

  • Why did you choose to become involved in the project?
    I became involved in the project to help and support other members of community. I wanted to get myself out and about physically and mentally as well as to promote and share my experiences and skills with others.

  • What impact has the program had on you so far?
    The program helped me to realise that I still have so many life goals I would like to achieve. I would like to succeed in my life. And that’s what the Many Sisters project helped me with.

  • Did you learn anything new?
    Yes, absolutely. And it’s good to know that there are so many free community events for women like me. It’s also a great opportunity to gain confidence and self-esteem.

  • Why do you think more people should know about the program?
    I think the program helped BAMER women to learn new skills and gain valuable experiences in different areas of life. Also, the Many Sisters project unites women and encourages them to share their knowledge, experiences and skills.



^Please note: this report was produced prior to the Southern Housing Group (SHG) merger with Optivo (where a new organisation called Southern Housing was formed).