Full fibre broadband in your home

We’re committed to providing our residents with great opportunities and a great customer experience. That’s why we’re working with providers to deliver full-fibre broadband directly to our homes, meaning you'll be able to benefit from super-fast, affordable, and more reliable broadband.

What does this mean?

We’ve pledged to futureproof our homes to keep up with demands. We’re working with multiple internet service providers to ensure you have a choice of internet providers, packages, and prices; whilst ensuring this work is delivered safely and to the highest standards for our residents or their homes.

The roll-out of full-fibre broadband will not affect any of your existing TV, broadband or landline services. It will offer more options of broadband services for you to choose from.

Please always consider if your existing broadband contract has any cancellation fees before looking for a new provider or package.

What's the difference between my existing broadband service and full fibre?

The Government’s target is for gigabit broadband to be available to 85% of the UK by 2025 and nationwide by 2030.

Traditionally broadband services are supplied through copper cabling, through the Gigabit Britain initiative all existing copper cables will be upgraded to fibre-optic cables. There are different types of fibre-optic broadband available:

  • Full fibre to the cabinet (FTTC)
    Broadband is delivered from the data centre to the cabinet using fibre optic cables, then from the cabinet to your home using copper cables. This limits the speeds delivered directly to your home.
  • Full fibre to the home (FTTH)
    Broadband is delivered directly to your home using only fibre optic cables. This delivers the fastest internet speeds available.

We’re working with providers to equip all homes with Full fibre to the Home (FTTH) to provide you with the best infrastructure available.  

When will I be connected?

We’re working with multiple providers to install full-fibre to all 85% of Southern Housing homes by 2025 and all homes by 2030. If you haven’t heard anything yet, don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you, you’re on our road map. As soon as works begin in your area, one of the providers we’re working with will be in contact.

I would benefit from some help getting online

If you'd like some support getting online, we’re here to help.

Our Digital Inclusion Team support residents to improve their digital skills and confidence, and access affordable devices and connectivity. 

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Affordable broadband prices

Working with providers, we’ve obtained social value for our residents. This includes providing some homes with affordable tariffs or 12 months’ free broadband. Households eligible for these offers will receive a letter inviting them to participate.