Project updates


Chirpy Heat, our heat network monitoring consultant, have identified the homes with Heat Interface Units (HIU) that are faulty in Bow River Village.

We've instructed K&T our heat network maintenance contractor, to establish the cause of the faults. They’re currently working their way around the homes in BRV phase 2, diagnosing and repairing malfunctioning HIUs.

Once all HIU issues in BRV phase 2 are resolved, K&T will follow up with a similar plan of action to tackle the homes experiencing the same issues in BRV phase 1.

While Chirpy Heat and K&T are working together to repair the HIUs within the homes, Higgins are progressing with remedial works. Pipe installation in the car parks of phase 1&2 has been paused. We're proceeding with the compliance aspect of the project and we're following the new legislation in the Building Safety Act, released in October 2023.

It's vital we adhere to the new regulations to ensure your safety and the safety of the building. We're committed to resolving the faulty heat network and we're doing all we can to re-sequence the programme in order to mitigate and minimise any potential delays.