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We’re introducing a dedicated team and a single point of contact for residents for issues around damp and mould, if ever needed.

The team’s development is a result of the Resident Scrutiny Panel and their deep dive into the management of damp and mould at Southern Housing. 

The panel made key recommendations on:

  1. Culture, communications, and information,
  2. Specialist damp and mould team
  3. Systems and processes
  4. Backlog of work

Their recommendations were turned into an action plan, which will improve how damp and mould is dealt with.

A huge thank you to all residents who completed the survey and took part in resident interviews on the service.

Dave Burton, Chair of the panel said: “We aim to carry out several scrutiny projects each year and our first project was to scrutinise the services provided by Southern Housing in relation to damp and mould issues.

When a resident is living with damp and mould, we know it has a negative impact on their health and wellbeing. While some residents report that issues are solved quickly, others are frustrated with the service they receive.

The scrutiny project examined residents’ experiences by holding in-person workshops, conducting interviews, and sending out surveys. We also analysed the current processes, systems and communication channels used and reviewed the Southern Housing Action Plan for Damp and Mould.

From this investigative work we’ve made several recommendations to improve the service for residents and one the most important parts of our work is to ensure there is proper follow through so that improvements are implemented and make a difference to the everyday experience of being a Southern Housing Resident.”