Fresh Visions’ senior programme, Intouch, recently undertook a DIY project, breathing new life into the courtyard at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

Intouch supports people over the age of 55, offering a range of health and wellbeing initiatives, and employment support to combat isolation and loneliness. The courtyard project is a fantastic example of how the programme brings people together and teaches them new and valuable skills.

During the project, 11 seniors worked together over a number of sessions, trying their hand at gardening, woodwork and DIY activities. They had a great time, forming friendships and developing their skillsets, all whilst providing the hospital with a beautiful and practical courtyard.

Conquest Courtyard Before
Courtyard After

Prior to Intouch’s involvement the area was inaccessible, overgrown and unloved. Staff had to stand up in wards to eat their lunch during breaks, as the staff room isn’t big enough for them all.

Now, they have a beautiful and relaxing space in which to enjoy some much-needed rest during their breaks, and hospital patients and visitors can use the stunning area too.

And for several of the participants, their involvement didn’t end there, as they took up the offer of becoming long-term volunteer gardeners at the hospital.

Intouch would like to say thank you to the following Southern Housing contractors/ and local employers for their donations and support:
Southern Housing contractors – Colours, Booker and Best and European Asbestos
Local businesses – Parkers, B&Q and Tesco

Courtyard Team