Do you want to increase your computing confidence this New Year?

Our Digital Inclusion Team are working closely with other teams to help residents obtain digital devices, affordable connectivity and digital skills training.

We’re dedicated to raising awareness and promoting practical action to work towards ending digital poverty and empowering marginalised groups, including low-income families, rural communities, older people, and disadvantaged youth, supporting the 11 million people who currently experience digital exclusion nationally.

We’ve been able to support 203 residents this year so far!

Training and confidence: You can receive over six hours of one-to-one remote digital skills training with ‘We Are Digital’.

As part of this, we’re happy to help you access training, look for work, work from home, manage your finances, access our digital portal, connect with friends and family, do online shopping, find online health and wellbeing support and much more.

Computers and other equipment: If you're struggling financially but want to get online, we may be able to provide you with free access to computers, tablets, or other digital devices.

We can also support you to become more confident using these types of tools.

Broadband and data: We can help you to get affordable connections and stay online through social tariffs or free broadband offers.

We can also talk you through using price comparisons to find the best online deals and offer guidance on staying safe when using the internet.

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203 the number of residents we've been able to support this year
11 million people live in digital poverty