We’re making changes and improvements to our MyAccount service. This is the online service for former Optivo residents.

As part of these changes, from 31 December 2023 we’ll be closing the MyAccount app. Don’t worry, the desktop version of MyAccount will still be running, so you can still access your online accounts. You can check your access to the web version of MyAccount via this link.

Benefits to the web version of MyAccount
You can still use MyAccount on your smart phone. The web version of MyAccount is easy to use on a PC, laptop, or mobile device. It offers more services than the app, including:

• Live rent and repairs updates so you can keep track
• A wide range of online forms giving you access to more services and information
• Increased security for your peace of mind.

What if I no longer have my original MyAccount login details?
If you no longer have your login details for the desktop version of MyAccount, contact us to share these with you.

When are you closing the app?
We’ve now removed the MyAccount app from the app stores. So, while you’ll still be able to use the app until 31 December 2023, you won’t be able to refresh or update the app. You’ll be pleased to know we’re now working on a new and improved resident portal giving you more convenience and flexibility. Part of this work will include a new app version of the portal. We’ll bring you more information on this in 2024.

How can I get help with these changes?
If you’ve any queries about these changes, please email our Mobile App Support Team at: contactus@southernhousing.org.uk alternatively, you can call us on
0800 121 60 60.