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A colony of bees faced a sticky situation when their tree home fell victim to harsh weather conditions. Responding swiftly, the Estate Care Team rallied support from the Sustainability Team, recognising the urgent need to safeguard the bee’s wellbeing.

Together, they got advice from environmental consultants engaged in our Biodiversity Pathway initiative. Following their guidance, the team created a protective barrier around the hive to shield the bees from the cold. Drawing upon local expertise, they also enlisted the help of nearby beekeepers, strengthening their efforts with seasoned knowledge.

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In a moment of triumph, a dedicated beekeeper arrived on the scene, ready to lend a hand and a hive. With precision, the colony was safely relocated to a new home, ensuring their journey continued uninterrupted.

As the bees settle into their new home, let us take a moment to celebrate this remarkable achievement—a testament to the compassion and determination of our community to protect and preserve the natural world around us.

As part of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy, we are committed to providing information of the campaigns that residents can join.

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On 20 May, we observe World Bee Day.

Click the link below to find out more about how to support these importance pollinators.

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