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As spring ushers in warmer temperatures and the promise of vibrant blooms, May presents a unique opportunity for our residents to engage in alternative garden care practices: No Mow May. Led by Plantlife, this initiative urges garden owners and green space managers to abstain from mowing their lawns throughout May, fostering significant impacts on local ecosystems and contributing to biodiversity preservation. Our Sustainability and Estate Services Team wholeheartedly encourages residents to participate, aligning with our heightened commitment to biodiversity.

Through recent surveys conducted after launching our Sustainability Strategy, residents expressed a desire for increased wildflowers to safeguard local biodiversity, prioritizing it over other actions. Consequently, we've collaborated with other housing associations and local councils, adopting their best practices ahead of No Mow May.

Your lawn, regardless of its size, holds the potential to support wildlife. Allowing grass to grow longer and nurturing wildflowers creates a sanctuary for pollinators, essential for ecosystem health and the growth of fruits and vegetables vital for survival.

Joining No Mow May simply entails refraining from lawn mowing throughout May. With over 20 million gardens in the UK, the collective impact of this action is substantial, contributing to nature restoration, community strengthening, and climate change mitigation. Plantlife offers invaluable guidance on transitioning your lawn into a thriving wildlife habitat.

We'll be enhancing wildflower meadows on identified sites, enabling participation from interested residents. Areas with reduced mowing throughout May and beyond will receive more frequent visits for litter collection.

Embrace the wild

As May approaches, we invite you to embrace the untamed side of your garden, complemented by a nature photography competition. Residents can submit photos of wildlife, including plants, insects, and animals, with prizes for the top three most voted entries. Look out for information on how to enter the competition coming soon.

By partaking in No Mow May, you positively impact our environment, aligning with our commitment to biodiversity as outlined in our Sustainability strategy. Join the movement and explore the beauty of a lawn teeming with life by visiting Plantlife's page for comprehensive participation information.