We’ve a legal responsibility to carry out certain checks to ensure the home or building you live in remains safe.

We’re sorry we’re unable to always give notice of every visit. Our contractors may visit if they’re in the area and we know a check is needed.

Our contractors will always have ID, but if you’re ever in doubt about a visitor, please contact us.
We kindly ask you to keep to any agreed appointment or let us know in advance if you’d like to rearrange.

There are a huge number of checks we carry out to our buildings, including:

• Electrical Installation Condition Report - every five years
• Lift Planned Preventative Maintenance - every month to every year
• Lift Thorough Examinations - every six months
• Oil Fuel Service and Safety Check - every year
• Powered Entry Equipment (Planned Preventative Maintenance) - every six months to every year
• Renewable Heating (Planned Preventative Maintenance) - every year
• Solar Photovoltaic (Planned Preventative Maintenance) – every five years
• Solid Fuel Safety Service and Safety Check - every year
• Water Hygiene Inspection and Monitoring - every week to every six months
• Flat entrance doors in blocks over 11 metres - every year
• Common area fire doors for blocks over 11 metres - every three months
• Emergency Lighting - every month to every 12 months.

Our checks may vary between our blocks, depending on things like the building’s height.

All homes with a gas supply also have a gas service and safety check every year.