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It’s the perfect time of year for a spring clean and residents at our Ryde care home are more than happy to help!

Our staff have been supporting residents to be more involved with the day-to-day jobs around their home, promoting independence and boosting their skills.

They’ve been working on the skills needed to keep a clean home, including keeping their bedroom clean and tidy, washing up, ironing (with the support of staff) and helping to put the bins out.

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Speaking of getting involved with the housework, resident, Michele said: “Getting everyone together to help makes us all happy.”

Another resident, Caroline, added: “and it’s good for arm movement!”
Ashley Barrier-Close, Registered Manager at the care home for people with learning disabilities said: “It’s so important to encourage positive interaction and active support for residents, as it enables them to remain active, stimulated, and independent.

“Building independent living skills can help to increase confidence, develop a can-do attitude, and generally improve quality of life.”